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Versace Belt Medusa Head

Versace Belt Medusa Head

electric bill in a way that makes you go "OMG!".

Versace Belt Medusa Head

good speeds to keep up with modern drives (like 3g/s SATAII 7200rpm drives). Not an issue if you use really old 5400rpm drives/ide/etc. Samba and FTP (amongst everything else you can imagine) is built into FreeNAS and has a very easy to use WebGUI to set it up with. It also has a stupid simple video tutorial of how to setup all of this, click by click, on their website in the support section. It's idiot proof. Literally.

Or, if you are so inclined to build your own NAS, running FreeNAS as the OS has all the features and support you are looking for. I use the NAS for file storage, video and audio streaming, as well as set up an FTP site for friends to up/down files to. It's very stable, easy to set up, and configure; I highly recommend it.

Versace Belt Medusa Head

Versace Belt Medusa Head

Versace Belt Medusa Head

Once you've got it setup, you can run headless with no input devices. Just put the box somewhere plugged in and forget about it. You can even set it to go to standby after set amount of times to conserve energy use, etc.

Versace Belt Medusa Head

Versace Belt Medusa Head

Take any old computer that can run a hard drive in the capacity/connections that it requires. If it has USB/CDROM/Floppy, or any combination of those, you're in business. It boots from CDROM and stores it's configuration on floppy. This leaves the harddrives completely free to be used as the network storage. I do this rather than installing it to one of the hard drives, because if that particular drive failed for some reason, suddenly you have no operating system running, whereas running it in memory from a booted CD/Floppy can survive a Versace Belt Medusa Head disk not responding/working, and the others will still work (unless of course, the motherboard/ram/controller is dead, then the whole mother is not gonna work). I like being able to know exactly which component is having trouble so I can address it fast and easy. This gives me the best bird's eye view of what my hardware is doing (or not doing).

PS just checked, my FreeNAS machine has been running for over 4 months Boss Belt Buckle

Most off the shelf NAS appliance will do what you want; Samba, FTp, etc. you will just have to make sure you read up on the particular NAS appliance to ensure it has the features you want.

Versace Belt Medusa Head

A simple system with some of the new green' drives that use less power in a NAS that will go to standby and chill out when not being used after a set amount of time doesn't use much electricity so it shouldn't impact your Givenchy Belt Buckle

Versace Belt Medusa Head

Versace Belt Medusa Head

and 3 weeks with nary a hiccup, burp, or fart.

FreeNAS lets you take that computer and it's drives and throw it on any network. Just plug it into your ethernet network. I highly recommend you use a 10/100/1000 NIC (gigabit) to have Louis Vuitton Belt Receipt Template

A Rather Specific NAS Setup

I have a WGT364U router (with USB port), and I am able to flash the firmware to a homebrew distro, but I am, unfortunately, unfamiliar with linux, so might need a little help on that front.

Versace Belt Medusa Head

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