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How can Breslin and Simone ever get together when each has such a gaggle of lovers on rotation? That's just one of the various obstacles to their love affair, and though the course of true love never did run smooth, the course of romantic comedy is usually pretty predictable.

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a mixed bag

more a description of what Textuality aspires Hermes Belt For Cheap to be, though the reality is a bit different. Everyone in the story texts and tweets and types on various devices, constantly. That's how you can tell it's a thoroughly modern story.

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Then Breslin and budding artist Simone (Carly Pope) meet cute, which is how people always meet in a romantic comedy. Boy in car hits girl on bike; love follows. Breslin can't stop thinking about Simone, but she is otherwise occupied. She has a married lover (Eric McCormack) and a few other guys on the side, among them the hopelessly sensitive Jacob (Marcello Cabezas) and the merely hopeless Colin (Kris Holden Ried).

As Breslin in Textuality, Jason Lewis plays a character who gets dumped at the altar a story told in shorthand as the movie's opening credits roll. Thereafter, every girl he meets is compared to the who got away, and none measure up. While he pines for his ex fiancee, he gathers a posse of women around him to help ease the pain. His wiseacre friend Michael thinks that's the right way to play the field.


The only standout character in Textuality is Breslin's best friend Mike, because most of what comes out of his mouth is rude and funny. We wondered why Mike, a secondary character, got all the best lines in the movie, but then we noticed Mike is played by actor Liam Card, who also wrote Hermes Belts On Men

Textuality is a romantic comedy about contemporary relationships.

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Textuality may not rise much above its genre, but the movie Armani Belts For Men

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does have some laugh out loud moments and a bit of sizzling dialogue. Sadly, it also has quirky women who wear their hair in side ponytails and live in eclectic hippie lofts; at the first sign of quirky or zany, we say, run for the exits.

Textuality involves more cuteness visually in the way it shows Blackberry messages floating through the air, and one thing and another, but those nods to electronic communication are mostly filler. Consider this one rom com standard fare.

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