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Hermes Belt Canada

Hermes Belt Canada

is hard. To find affordable housing is even harder, and the wait lists are long," McAlpine said.

"To find housing Versace Belt Womens

Members of Peace and Power team, Karen Ferris, Brad Walker, Stephanie Roberst and Emma Roberts, 6 in the cart push their decorated shopping cart to The Cathedral Church of St. Michael All Angels on Saturday during the third Annual Arthur Cottie Memorial Push to End Homelessness, the event is a fundraiser for local charity Inn from the Cold. Louis Vuitton Belt Mens Uk

colourful costumes competed in an Amazing Race style event to benefit homeless people. The third annual Push to End Homelessness raised close to $20,000 toward a new shelter operated by Inn from the Cold.

Hermes Belt Canada

Inn From the Cold runs a shelter for homeless people each winter. Most of the money raised Saturday will go toward leasing and renovating a house on Chandler Street, where up to eight formerly homeless men will live as soon as this fall.

"Our vision is to have a place where everybody is safe and respected and included and we think such a piece of that puzzle is making sure everyone has somewhere to live," said McAlpine.

Hermes Belt Canada

Hermes Belt Canada

Hermes Belt Canada

A hundred push shopping carts for Kelowna's homeless

"We had five routes so we didn't have 20 teams arrive at the Bean Scene and have the poor barrista do a latte challenge with 20 teams," said Jordan McAlpine, in home support coordinator for Inn from the Cold.

Hermes Belt Canada

The scene played out over several hours Saturday as 20 teams in Belts Louis Vuitton

Hermes Belt Canada

The race featured teams pushing shopping carts where they stopped at various venues competing in various tasks and challenges. The event ended with a barbecue, live music and prizes at Kerry Park.

Hermes Belt Canada

Hermes Belt Canada

The event was held days after news that Kelowna's vacancy rate has dropped to one per cent. Meanwhile, an Hermes Belt Canada estimated 450 people are considered homeless in the city.

"We have to include everybody in our community. How are people supposed to thrive at life if they're completely isolated and shut off from everybody else?" said Vanessa Kreway, who helped organize the event.

Cottie was a formerly homeless bottle collector who sat on the event's planning committee. He was eager for people to understand what it's like to push a cart through the streets of Kelowna. Teams now decorate their carts each year to celebrate him.

Forty six businesses donated prizes and sponsored the event. Inspired by the late Arthur Cottie, Okanagan College students dreamed up the fund raising idea to highlight the need for greater services for homeless people.

Hermes Belt Canada

Hermes Belt Canada

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