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As a volunteer for Doe, a national group that works to identify human remains, Vita immediately began mentally ticking through a list of missing girls that might fit that description.

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The Little Rock Police Department provided the murder statistics for 1991 and 1993.

Jeanine Barnwell disappeared from Philadelphia a few weeks before Lynn. She was only 3.

Information about the work by the Doe Network came Hermes Belt Pictures

Not only had the bones been found a short drive south from Carmeletta's house, but they were exactly 2 miles from where suspect Larry Cooney lived in 1982.

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This is part 4 of a 6 part series. View all stories here as they become available.

Pulaski County sheriff's investigators found only a few Gucci Belt New Style

Martin, who had worked on Carmeletta's disappearance in 1982, immediately called Pulaski County sheriff's Sgt. Carl Beadle.

Vita now wonders: If Carmeletta wasn't on those lists, how many other missing girls does she not know about?

Lynn Smith disappeared from Hot Springs on Dec. 4, 1985, at age 16.

As part of a six month investigation, the Arkansas Democrat Gazette interviewed 38 people and reviewed dozens of court and police documents to tell Carmeletta Green's story.

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A skeleton offers hope

clues from the trash strewn hillside in southern Pulaski County, including items that may not have been connected to the girl.

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On Aug. 19, 1991, two cable workers surveying land off Archwood Park Road for future expansion stumbled upon the skeletal remains of what turned out to be a little girl.

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"Nobody cared enough," Vita said recently. "That's how it is."

But Vita had never heard the name Carmeletta Green, who disappeared from her Little Rock home Sept. 11, 1982, about 4 1 /2 miles from where the bones were discovered.

Information about Lt. John Martin's involvement came from interviews with him as well as the sheriff's office file.

But when Little Rock police Lt. John Martin read about the bones found off Archwood Park Road in 1991, he had a gut feeling they belonged to Carmeletta.

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Information about the skeletal remains and the work investigators did to identify them came from a file provided by the Pulaski County sheriff's office and from the Arkansas Medical Examiner's office and the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs).

About a month later, the Arkansas Democrat ran a short article on Page 9A that detailed for the first time publicly that the bones belonged to a black girl age 9 12.

The Arkansas Democrat Gazette went to the home of Carmeletta's dentist, Dr. Roosevelt Brown, four times and left at least two telephone messages. Though Brown promised to look Gucci Belts Red for the dental records, he has yet to do so. The newspaper had made arrangements with NamUs to compare the records Brown says he has with the teeth found on Archwood Park Road.

Information about the inmate's claims regarding Larry Cooney's suspected involvement in Carmeletta's disappearance came from the sheriff's office file and detectives' accounts.

LITTLE ROCK Fourth in a series

Shaunda Green had been missing even longer. The 13 year old was last seen in Michigan in October 1983.

No one she talked to including detectives at the Little Rock Police Department and the Pulaski County sheriff's office mentioned Carmeletta.

Vita and Betty Brown. Todd Matthews, regional coordinator for Nam Us, also provided information.

fromvolunteers Shannon Gucci Belt Images

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Carmeletta wasn't on lists of missing people kept by the Doe Network, the Arkansas Crime Information Center or the National Center for Missing Exploited Children.

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Another Doe Network volunteer called Little Rock law enforcement agencies, churches and schools, asking if anyone knew of any missing black girls.

Shannon Vita, area director for the Doe Network, read about the bones in the newspaper.

Martin had always believed that Larry and his uncle Kenneth Cooney were involved in her disappearance. Larry had borrowed Kenneth's car the night Carmeletta disappeared, and police had found what looked like blood in the back of it.

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