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Gucci Belt Original Price

Gucci Belt Original Price

I have had an 240GB SSD in my PS3 for quite a while now, but now wish to put it in my laptop. First and foremost, the SSD is formatted for the PS3. I opened my laptop and saw there was a free spot for an hard drive so I just shoved the SSD in there. Started the pc and it started normally, although I see no SSD anywhere. I checked BIOS and there is no option to set different hard drives so that can't be it. How do I format an (I think PS3 uses FAT32) SSD to NTFS to be able to use it normally?

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Gucci Belt Original Price

The other problem being the Win8 I have is OEM. Meaning that I can't create a DVD recovery disc of it or anything. How am I supposed to reinstall windows if something goes wrong? Stupid. I looked the product key from the registry and tried downloading win8 from Microsoft, but it says that OEM keys differ from Gucci Belt Original Price retail.

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Gucci Belt Original Price

Gucci Belt Original Price

Gucci Belt Original Price

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So I bought an Asus G750JW gaming laptop which comes with an Win 8 OEM and a 750GB HDD and wan to replace the HDD with an SSD. Simple right?

issue with SSD Win8

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This is a lot to answer, but thanks in advance. I tried googling but can't really find any answers.

Gucci Belt Original Price

Gucci Belt Original Price

Well as far as using the ssd goes, after you make the install disc go to your bios and have your boot order optical drive then ssd. Make sure the hdd is removed from the list. Now you will save/exit and then the windows install will start. You will get to a screen where you can format/pick a drive to install to. Just pick the ssd and format then install to it. It's all pretty straightforward.

it, how do I actually do it? I must remove the old HDD first?

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