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A tribute to Jean Nicholas

can't be with us, not even time can take her memory from those of us who loved her.

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She enjoyed Christmas and had a full Christmas Village set that she painstakingly put out every Christmas. She told me this year that it might be time to start a new tradition and give some pieces to Nick, now that he was married and going to begin traditions of his own.

And that was Jean most all. She was (and Quantity Louis Vuitton Belt

I met Jean on my first day of work at Bayview Regional Collegiate almost 4 years ago. Hermes Belt Beige

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With her strong personality, quick tongue and even quicker wit, Jean was like no other; A woman who sometimes presented a gruff and tough exterior, but who was soft and caring inside. She did anything for anyone in need and never expected anything in return. She did so many things. If it was quintessentially Newfoundland in any way, she either did it or tried it. She loved trouting and gardening. She was a brilliant gardener, though sometimes overly enthusiastic, as she would sometimes grow too many plants. When that happened, it was nothing to see the window ledges in various rooms at Bayview decorated with different plants. She would go around every day and water them, whether at home or at school. Even when she was tired, she fairly buzzed and crackled with electric energy.

"That's Jean," and all who knew her understands that, but none better than all those who loved her; her family, her sister and brother, her boyfriend Chris, her father (The Old Man as she often referred to him, both fondly and at times with exasperation), a host of other extended family members, and of course, her son Nick and his new wife Renee; and then there are her friends who are too numerous to name, but among whose number, I am proud to count myself.

How many times since I have known her have I heard those words said, or uttered them myself? But always in a tone of acceptance, good humour, and even sometimes admiration, for a woman who always said and did what most of us were too nervous to. "That's Jean." That certainly was Jean. She was a woman with beliefs and principles, who stood up for them and for other people, no matter what. I have always been impressed by that.

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A tragic car accident took Jean's life on Friday May 31, 2013, and though she Lv Belts Replica

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Jean Nicholas was a singular individual who beat her own path and blazed her own trail through life. She was caring and thoughtful, always ready for a laugh, and always ready to put someone in their place. She didn't suffer fools, and she sometimes made her own rules. She was a force of nature itself, a force to be reckoned with. It was nothing to hear a colourful phrase or two uttered in conversation. The first time I heard her say a few colourful expressions was at work, and while I looked about in shock, everyone else just smiled and shook their heads saying, "That's Jean."

That was Jean, but there was also so much more. Jean had many jobs and careers over her lifetime. Most of them helped others in some way or another. Even as she began to plan for retirement, she still wanted to spend her time helping out 'the kids'. For years she had been working in secretarial positions at Harriot Curtis Collegiate and more recently at Bayview Regional Collegiate. But to the staff and students whose lives she touched, she was so much more than a secretary. She was a mother, encouraging students, teaching wrong from right; a doctor, doling out bandaids and icepacks; a teacher, educating others about anything she cared about; a manager, directing everyone around her, what to do and how to do it; a cook, providing meals that were not likely health policy friendly, but tasted so good, people talked about them for years later; a telephone operator, calling home when someone was sick or to catch someone skipping off; a disciplinarian, one whom no student ever crossed and who demanded and received a high level of respect; a guidance counsellor, who was the one anyone could come to with their problems; a drama coach, who helped students improve themselves through the arts, and let them know how proud she was of those improvements; a friendly ear, where anyone could go just to be listened to; a kind shoulder, there to support anyone feeling sad or alone; and most of all, a friend, to anyone who needed her.

It was my first full time job, first time owning a vehicle and packing up that vehicle to move away from home, based on arrangements Gucci Belt Image I had made for myself, to succeed or fail on my own, however the chips might fall. Understandably, I was nervous, which I admitted to upon meeting her. Her reply? "Don't be so foolish. It's a great school. I'm sure you'll do fine and I'm here if you ever want to chat." I am proud to say that we became friends on that first day and I shall count myself her friend for the rest of my life. Such is the way when people make such an impact on our lives. And Jean knew how to make an impact.

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I am positive still is) completely proud of her son Nick. She was proud of his drive and determination. She was proud to be there as he married the person he had chosen to spend his life with. She was proud that he had given her a daughter in law like Renee. She was proud and happy that her son was carving out a life that made him happy, beating his own path, blazing his own trail, just as she did.

"That's Jean." I'll probably continue to utter those words, aloud or silently, whenever I remember her. I will miss our chats when we ran into one another at work and in the community. I will miss the talks we will never have. I will miss the supper we never got to have together before I leave St. Anthony this June. I will miss how when she asked how I was, she honestly wanted to know and actually listened. I will miss how encouraging she was to me. I will miss her laughter, her jokes, her stories, and her colourful and sharp expressions. But most of all, I will miss having her in my life.

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