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Gucci Belt Golden

Gucci Belt Golden

"I'm so tired of being here. Cause your prescance still lingers here."

"and it won't leave me alone. These wounds won't seem to heal. This pain is just too real. There's just too much that time cannot erase.

When Gucci Belt Golden you got there you refolded yoru wings and retracted your ears, changing back into your normal looking self. With a proud smile you trotted happily to Aki, who was staring at you with her mouth agape. ^^U. MF: wakes up with a bump on her head thanx alot. __ Me: Ur welcome! ^.^ Anyways, rate and message plz! MF: And no more hitting me with a brick! Thock! Mf: knocked out again xD Me: You said nothing about a tranqualizer gun.

Gucci Belt Golden

Cheers erupted from the ground and you smiled as you put the people down.

Gucci Belt Golden

Gucci Belt Golden

Gucci Belt Golden

"Cover your ears!" you ordered to Spider man sternly. He looked at you confused but you persisted, "NOW!" He did as you told him and you took a breath thinking, 'Activate. ablitiy number 12. (MF: Completely cracks up. Me: That's it. hits her with a brick MF: xD is knocked out Me: ^^)

You gave spider man the thumbs up, making him let go of his ears and stare at you in shock. "How.?" He asked as you spread your wings and smiled. You winked and said simply, "Its a secret." And you flew off to a back ally. Gucci Belt For Cheap

stared up in utter horror, you didn't want them to find you this soon. Dr. Octopus was on the edge of that building, people in his hands. You turned franticaly, looking for Peter, but all you found was a freaked out Aki. "Be right back Aki!" You yelled, she shouted back, "Yuki! Wait! Where are you doing?!" You turned back to her yelling a last time, "Now you get to see what else I've learned while I was away!"

Gucci Belt Golden

A Spiderman Love Story Chapter 3

Gucci Belt Golden

Now your move was in play, Dr. Octapus was staning there, a sad yet incredibally afraid look on his face. Continuing your song you saw tears, though barely visible, well up in his eyes. once you finished your song (Me: I'm too lazy to write it all xD MF: Still knocked out) he was just standing there. He just LEFT.

The webs were broken right quick as non other than Spider man came in. He looked at you for a minute, then you winked saying, "hi!" After that short intro, you went back to dodging Dr. Octopi's claws. (My friend: laughs hystarically Me: x( stop that! We're in the middle of a story!) "Wholly(blank)on a (blank) Sandwhich!" you yelled as you continued to dodge, wondering if you should use your special moves. AFter a while, you just went for it.

Once you were sure you were alone, you spread out your wings while small ears popped onto your head, and your hair became more silver than white. With a quick flap, you were in the air flying toward the Octopus of death (Me: Okay, my bff just calls him that xD) Once you reached him, he sneerd at you saying, "There you are little girl, the King Pin's been waiting for you." You narrowed your eyes and said, "Little? I resent that completely!" Sudden webs latched onto Dr. OCTOPI's mechanical arms and pulled them, making him let go of the people. "Oneside!" You yelled frantically and caught them all. Hermes Belt Purple

Gucci Belt Golden

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Gucci Belt Golden

Gucci Belt Golden

Gucci Belt Golden

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