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Gucci Belt Gold And Silver

Tricia will work with child nutrition programs and HIV/AIDS education in churches while Wayne, who has trained as a pastor, will work with a ministry team to add a spiritual aspect to Samaritan's Purse's development projects.

Cambodia's population is young, poor and more than 90 percent Buddhist. However, Wayne said Christianity is making great inroads among young people there, who see evangelical churches as the organizations that have done the most for the country.

"It's almost a liaison role," he said.

On June 25, the Hesters will have an estate sale to divest themselves of everything they Hermes Belt Discount

Abilene family is headed for Cambodia

The Hesters will be taking an internship with Samaritan's Purse, a nondenominational Christian organization that works in Third World countries. Although the internship lasts through Christmas, the Hesters really don't have an exit strategy because they are literally selling everything and hoping to remain in Cambodia.

The first few weeks, the Hesters dealt with logistical issues, such as insurance, banking and other mundane things. Now, they are in Louis Vuitton Belt Cost

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can't fit into about a half dozen cases. That includes antiques they've acquired during their marriage as well as the antiques they have in the business they run.

As a mom, Tricia was especially concerned about a school for their sons Micah, 10; Reece, 6; and Kyler, 5. No problem. It turned out there was a private school, Hope International School, a couple of blocks from the building in which they'll live.

Then they decided that if they wanted to become missionaries themselves, it needed to be now, before their sons got any older.

There was another hitch. The school had spots for the two older boys, but not for Kyler.

Gucci Belt Gold And Silver

If everything goes according to plan, the Hesters, along with their three sons, will be moving to Phnom Penh, Cambodia, at the end of July. And, after everything that's happened to them since the beginning White Lv Belt

"But just when we had to make a decision about whether we would go, we get a call that Kyler was accepted, too," Wayne said.

"We didn't hear anything back for a long time, so we figured it was dead in the water," said Wayne Hester, an algebra teacher at Anson High School.

When the Hesters say this has been a dream for years, it isn't an idle statement. For much of their married life, they have worked to help send others on mission trips and to develop relationships with people in the mission fields.

"Beef is so expensive there. Everything is chicken or fish."

Gucci Belt Gold And Silver

That became the first of many coincidences, which is not how the Hesters refer to the events. The family's dream had always been to go as missionaries to Cambodia, but Samaritan's Purse wasn't honoring a request.

When family members arrive in Cambodia in late July, they will find few vestiges of the West. You can get Dr Pepper "for a price," Tricia said and there's a McDonald's in Phnom Penh, "but I'm not sure they have beef," she said.

Gucci Belt Gold And Silver

The process so far seems rather adventurous. In January, the family contacted Samaritan's Purse, which is based in North Carolina.

"If you knew us, you would know that we're both anal retentive people," Wayne said. "We plan everything. We know everything we're doing is going against the book about how you're supposed to prepare for a mission trip."

In early April, the Hesters were told they had been accepted as interns, but then the executive director put the assignment on hold because no family had ever been chosen as interns. By the end of April, they were told they would be sent to Cambodia.

"They Gucci Belt Gold And Silver could have sent us anywhere," Tricia said. "South America, Africa. It was a miracle."

of April, they have no reason to believe things won't go right.

Phnom Penh is a city of 2 million, which will be a cultural change for Wayne, who hails from Rochester in Haskell County (Tricia has a bit more of an urban pedigree, coming from the Dallas Fort Worth area).

Gucci Belt Gold And Silver

Gucci Belt Gold And Silver

"We have the rest of our lives to collect things," said Tricia Hester, a nurse at Hendrick Medical Center. "The chance for this adventure may not happen again."

As excited as they are to move, the Hesters admit to being on a "roller coaster" of emotions as they prepare to leave family and friends, whom they say have been supportive even as they questioned the wisdom of the trip. And there are things from West Texas they'll miss, such as Harold's barbecue sauce.

With all those things working out, the Hesters said they have no doubt they'll raise the $10,000 they need by June 15 to make their dream a reality.

full packing mode as they wind up school years and jobs. They said they are so busy that they often don't think about the move itself.

Gucci Belt Gold And Silver

Gucci Belt Gold And Silver

"We asked God if he wanted us to remain helping others go or go ourselves," Wayne said.

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Gucci Belt Gold And Silver

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