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said 'cook this'? As romantic an idea this is, I think the average Brit would be to embarrased to act so self assured and 'continental' to change their buying/eating habits for this idea to really take off. And fresh markets just cannot compete with the supermarkets. The rest of Thanet are not going to drive to Westward Cross and do their weekly shop and then pile back into the car to drive down to the marina, circle around for ages trying to find a parking space and then pick up some veg and fresh fish.

Although I am in full agreement that something needs to be done with the pavilion, I feel that this is just not tailored to the majority of Thanet residents and this building surely should be accessible to all. I for one will not be able to afford nor justify the expense of taking 5 children there to eat!

Does anyone else smell the whiff of Turner.?

Personally I would like to have more choice of leisure activities in Thanet to entertain my family (and the multitude of other families in the area) and Lucy's idea should be taken seriously by Thanet 'ching ching!' District Council, who seem to only pay attention to the wealthy investors who know nothing about what the residents of Thanet really want.

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"There will be three other restaurants with sea views and a fourth venue for weddings and conferencing. People will be able to get married in front of the ocean with fireworks like they do in Istanbul. There will be a palm restaurant serving high teas and light dinners and another with a meat based menu."

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Funding is possible for such an idea as ours, and should the residents of Thanet consider it a good idea, then we will proceed to make the appropriate contacts in order to make it happen before we have another over priced restaurant that is out of reach of most.

Group has approached the Royal Victoria Pavilion current leaseholder Rank Entertainment, which used the building as a casino, with a view to purchasing its lease.

He said: "There will be a colourful and vibrant indoor market, similar to those you see in Madrid or Barcelona, selling local meat, fish, fruit and vegetables which will be open six days a week.

I am also in agreement with Lucy Voss. Ramsgate Hermes Belt Price Womens

Also, who has ever bought a fish and taken it to a restaurant and Ferragamo Belt Grey

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Gucci Belt Gg Womens

I left Thanet some years ago but visit my family there regularly and I have been dismayed at it's slow decline. However the one shining light has been the regeneration of the marina area from grotty tat shops and cafes to a pretty reasonable bunch of bars and restaurants with a nice atmosphere. But as Lucy says (apart from the beach itself) there is nothing else for children and I think it would help the family atmosphere there if there were family orientated facilities. I'm certain I would take my kids for a skate if there were a rink there, and then out to one of the existing cafes for a beer (and orange juice).

I have spent the past year looking into creating a family entertainment venue within the premises, and used my ideas as part of my business management degree course. I conducted surveys in town in order to establish the need for such a venue and received a 99% positive response for an artificial ice rink/entertainment centre. The surface we have in mind is suitable for skating, 5 a side football and all manner of other sports even dancing on! This surface would give the building a multi purpose, and would ensure minimal damage to the building itself. Myself and my partner in this have been to business link to discuss the monetary aspect, but have been thwarted by the lack of cooperation from the Council. In order to get an architect to draw up plans and therefore create a viable business plan we need to get in to the premises (plans having not been made available to us) but in order to get in to the premises, we need a business plan on the table for Rank. We are caught in a catch 22 situation.

I'm sorry. I love the idea of a fresh indoor market but it just cannot work.

Developer The Land Versace Belt Brown

Gucci Belt Gg Womens

We plod on. and hope that maybe given the significance of the building, that the residents of Thanet actually get given a choice. It should not be about who simply has the money to steam straight in and do what they want with an important listed building, but that the residents of Thanet should be able to choose what THEY think should be done with THEIR building.

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Gucci Belt Gg Womens

Our idea is simply to have a community project that gives to the local area facilities it does not presently have.

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You can travel anywhere in Thanet and find shops and restaurants and the thought of yet another place to visit where you can empty your purse and fill your belly would almost certainly drive me in the opposite direction!

I think, long term, that having 4 more restaurants is not the answer. The old Pleasurama site, even with years of delays, is earmarked for luxury Gucci Belt Gg Womens flats with shops and restaurants underneath. With all of the bars and restaurants already existing along the marina the extra competition is unnecessary. It's also a little unimaginitive.

i strongly agree with mrs lucy voss, this town needs something for both the children and adults to be able to enjoy themselves, we have more than enough food shops around ramsgate and dont see why any of us would go down to the seafront when we can buy the same stuff from tesco, asda,sainsburys any many others scattered around.

A tasty future for Ramsgate's seafront pavilion

We would like the residents of Thanet to know that there are those of us out there who consider this a valuable asset to Thanet, and that it should be brought back in to use and used to its' full potential.

Gucci Belt Gg Womens

will benefit more from a unique project rather than having the same old ideas regurgitated time and time again.

Mr Neilson, who has lived in Ramsgate for six years and commutes to his office in London, explained that he wants to purchase the lease and then negotiate a deal with Thanet council. So community lets get together and make Ramsgate work for us not the council. With lots of restaurants along the harbour another one is not needed, true a decent night club as the other two raineys and can't think of the others name again been closed for ages, been here since 2007 so that is 4 year of places going to pot, not sure if residents would appreciate a night club and with one being closes by, perhaps if we all get together and put our heads together at a meeting?

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In February last year Rank moved its casino to Westwood Cross, leaving behind a sorrowful building with thousands of pounds of repair work needed. Rank put the remaining 34 years of its lease up for sale for 600,000.

"If you go to the fish market you could buy a sea bass and send it through to one of the four restaurants where they cook it for you. We want to open a fish restaurant with views overlooking the sea and the harbour.

having an indoor icerink etc whould bring people to ramsgate therefor improving our town which is desperatly needed. my family originate from local fishermen and this just simply will not work!! fund the icerink and make our town fun again.

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