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The pair said that in each Rwandan district can be found human skulls and bones, a grim reminder of the bloodshed that will blight the country's history Lv Belt Damier Graphite

He lived in London to start with, and has been in Peterborough for more than four years.

Justine (21) was born in Uganda, and escaped there in 1994 during Rwanda's genocide. She and her family returned to live in Rwanda, but she married Jean Paul, as the terms of his asylum in the UK state he can travel anywhere in the world apart from Rwanda.

She said: "The violence in Rwanda hasn't stopped, it has just gone underground. You will hear that a child has disappeared, and you know what has happened to them."

You would never guess that he has lived through what he describes as "complete, complete hell".

"It seemed like the end of life."

birth to their son Alvin whose name means "friend to all" six months ago.

He hasn't seen his mother or father since.

Gucci Belt Dragon

The priest helped him escape, and he flew to England in 2002.

Tanzania for two and a half years, like many other Rwandan refugees.

"There was no toilet, and I had to sleep on the floor", he said. "I was beaten three or four times a week, and I had no way of getting out.

Justine, who is a Tutsi, said she misses her family Gucci Belt Dragon in Africa, but wants to be with her husband. She has indefinite leave to remain in the UK, and both can speak fluent English, as the language is an official language in Rwanda.

Gucci Belt Dragon

A safe haven from the bloodshed and violence that forced them to flee

Gucci Belt Dragon

As a child, Jean Paul was dragged into unimagineable violence, when an extremist Hutu government began the systematic slaughter of the minority Tutsis.

Jean Paul is half Hutu, half Tutsi, and so his family knew they were targets for violence. Jean Paul, now aged 21, said they had lived a life of complete insecurity during that year.

Jean Paul remembers acts of such barbarity that most of us wouldn't have even see them in our worst nightmares, acts such as pregnant Tutsi women having their bellies slit open, and fathers being forced to kill their wives while their children were forced to watch.

At just 13 he was the youngest person in the prison, and came to the attention of the prison priest.

Gucci Belt Dragon

Gucci Belt Dragon

Jean Paul has always been a Christian, and said that he made it through each day by "believing that God would deliver me to my escape".

But this land had been claimed by an army official, and he was thrown into a prison for daring to stake his claim.

Gucci Belt Dragon

"As soon as people heard that the village was being attacked, they would flee. One night my parents told me our village was under attack, and told me to run away."


At the tender age of nine, he fled to Hermes Belt Red And Black

It is estimated some 800,000 people were killed in 100 days in 1994.

He flew to Uganda to marry a girl he had been friends with since childhood, Justine, and she gave Hermes Belt Amazon

You would never guess that he has seen his friends and relatives butchered by people they had once called "neighbour".

Gucci Belt Dragon

Gucci Belt Dragon

This is a scene like any other on any day in Welland, and the baby's mum and dad are like any other, trying to give their baby the best possible start in life.

And you would never guess that he was flung into prison aged 13, beaten on an almost daily basis, and eventually escaped for a better life in Peterborough.

Gucci Belt Dragon

He returned to his home country when the political situation calmed down two and a half years later to claim back the land that had belonged to his normal, working class family before the terror.

THERE are more than 400 asylum seekers seeking refuge in Peterborough, and all of them have fled conflict and bloodshed, fear and isolation.

Jean Paul Nkuzi was brought up in Gahini, a town in Rwanda that borders Uganda.

To look at Alvin Nkuzi's father, you would never guess that he has witnessed scenes from the most savage atrocities in modern times.

"Villages would be attacked without warning", he said. "We lived in houses with grass roofs, and they would be set alight. Nothing would be left.

THERE are more than 400 asylum seekers seeking refuge in Peterborough, and all of them have fled conflict and bloodshed, fear and isolation. He cries and she sings to him, and feeds him some milk from his bottle.

Gucci Belt Dragon

Gucci Belt Dragon

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